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Dr. Ginting is a soil scientist and a hydrologist with extensive experience in soil erosion abatement, water quality, hydrology, hydrologic modeling, soil greenhouse gas measurements and modeling, and computer programming. He received a B.S degree in soil science from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia in 1987, MS. from North Dakota State University in soil management in 1991 and PhD in soil physics with emphasis on soil hydrology and water quality from the University of Minnesota in 1995.

Prior to establishing his business in July 2009,as a hydrologist with the US. Geological Survey (2006-2009), a research assistant professor at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (2000-2006), and as a postdoctoral fellow (1995-2000), Dr. Ginting has published many scientific articles in various journals, scientific investigation reports, bulletins, and poster presentations. In collaboration with government entities and academicians, he has been awarded substantial amount of grants from both federal and state agencies.  While working as a research assitant professor at the University of Nebraska, He received several recognitions such as the Carbon Sequestration Program Team Award from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of Nebraska, and the Editor's Citation for Excellence in Manuscript Review, American Society of Agronomy, Madison, WI.

Active in his community, Dr. Ginting is a youth soccer coach, member of black belt Tiger Rock Taekwondo Academy, serves in the board of elders in his church, is a member of Nebraska Down Syndrome Association for Families and Indonesian Christian Fellowship of USA.

With his expertise, educational, and training background, Dr Ginting has extensive skill in:

  • Research: Investigation of surface water quantity and quality from agricultural field scale to a more complex basin scale
  • Data Collection and Database Management System: Field instrumentation and measurements of soil physical and chemical properties, soil processes and green house gas emission from agricultural land, and structuring collected data in a database management system.
  • Computer Programming: Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Web Developer, Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Application, SAS, FORTRAN77
  • Water Quality Model: USDA Groundwater Loading Effects of Agricultural Management System (GLEAMS), Annualized Agricultural Non Point Source (AnnAGNPS), and Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
  • Ground Water Model: MODFLOW
  • Soil Gas Emission Model: CENTURY, and DNDC
  • Hydrologic Integrity Assessment: Developed computer programs and use of existing hydrologic integrity assessment softwares (USGS HIP and National Conservancy IHA).
  • GIS Software and Graphics: ArcGIS, Surfer, Sigma Plot
  • Statistical Analysis: SAS software application for mixed models, multivariate analysis, parametric and non-parametric regressions and analysis of variance
  • General Softwares: PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word

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