Ginting Enviromental Consulting, LLC

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Welcome to the Ginting Environmental Consulting, LLC in Lincoln Nebraska. If you are looking for a scientist that will provide professional services directly, while working in tandem with the clienteles own personnel(s), the in-house experts, you are at the right place.

The Ginting Environmental Consulting is a single member LLC, owned and operated directly by Daniel Ginting, PhD, a hydrologist and a soil scientist.Prior to starting this small business in 2009, Dr.Ginting was a former employee of the US Geological Survey and a former research assistant professor at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.The Ginting Consulting offers services encompassing various stages of environmental research processes, from collaboration and preparation of grant proposal to publishing scientific reports that include literature study, data collection, and data processing and interpretation. Its target clienteles are both private and governmental sectors.It provides services for a high-level environmental data analysis, surface and ground water modeling, software development, environmental decision support tool, and parametric and non-parametric multivariate statistical analysis, data interpretation, documentation, and reporting. Operating with low overhead cost, the Ginting Consulting secures affordable services while delivering timely and high quality products.

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