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The Ginting Consulting knows how important it is to obtain expertise and services when you need an alternative to in-house expertise in conducting scientific research processes. Services provided encompass various stages of research processes, from collaboration and preparation of grant proposal to publishing scientific reports that include literature study, data collection, and data analysis and interpretation. The services include but not limited to:

Environmental Data Collection

  1. Surface water-hydrology and water-quality monitoring
  2. Soil physical and chemical properties
  3. Soil greenhouse gas (GHG) emission

Computer Simulation

  1. Hydrologic modeling and development of best management plans for agricultural lands
  2. Modeling of soil greenhouse gas emission and carbon sequestration
  3. Assessment of watershed hydrology and water quality using various computer models and geographic information system (GIS) analysis

Data Analysis

  1. Experimental design and data analysis for soil hydrology, greenhouse-gas emission, and carbon sequestration
  2. Hydrologic integrity assessment and statistical analysis of in-stream flow and groundwater data for temporal and spatial trends
  3. Spatial and temporal data compilation and database management
  4. Environmental data processing and analysis using parametric and non-parametric multivariate statistical analysis
  5. Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis

Software Development

  1. Development of software for computerized decision support tool
  2. Window-based software for computation of metrics of environmental data
  3. Web-based computing tools

Grant Proposal and Scientific Report Preparation

  1. Collaboration and Preparation of grant proposal for scientific environmental research
  2. Data interpretation and preparation of documents for reports and scientific articles.

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